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Please visit our “Resources for Our Community” page for tools and tips for business owners. CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center is temporarily closed, and all programs are being held virtually. For virtual Business Resource Center help, contact Selena Ellis-Vizcarra at

Our goal is to create a vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem that results in more and better job opportunities for diverse communities.

Will the CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center (CAJC) Accelerator invest money in companies that participate in the program?

We currently do NOT provide capital investment. We provide free access to coworking space, community resources and networks, mentors, training sessions, investors and much more.

What diverse founders is the Accelerator targeting?

The goal of the Accelerator is to support the growth of businesses run by underrepresented and LMI founders, including women, African-American/Black, and Hispanic/Latino, LGBTQ+, and Veteran founders. We encourage all diverse and LMI founders to apply!

What is LMI (low-to-moderate income)/financially disadvantaged?

LMI means “Low to Moderate Income.” CAJC is focused on supporting LMI founders and encouraging accelerator participants to hire from the LMI community. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine eligibility for programs like CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center. HUD develops income limits based on Median Family Income estimates and Fair Market Rent area. To find out if you qualify as LMI visit:

What is the difference between the CAJC Accelerator and the CAJC Business Resource Center?

The CAJC Business Resource Center is a community asset for all entrepreneurs and businesses to get support through both in-house and referral partners. The CAJC Accelerator is focused on helping startup businesses with some traction that are looking to leverage technology and scale for rapid growth.

Who is the ideal applicant for the Accelerator?

If you are a diverse and/or LMI founder of a business that is beyond the ideation stage with a product that has some traction (sales, customers, pilots, users, etc.), then we strongly encourage you to apply for the accelerator.

Note: For the accelerator Founder(s) must be residents of the City of San Diego and the business must reside in the City of San Diego.

If you are a diverse and/or LMI entrepreneur, founder, or person with a great idea that you’d like to get some help on moving forward or there is one specific aspect of your business that you need help with, then we strongly encourage you to check out the resource center when it opens in 2019.

Is it a full-time program?

Yes. The program will be based on a full-time schedule, so we require at least one co-founder on your team to be able to work from the program’s co-working space full-time to attend and participate in the accelerator curriculum.

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