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Why apply to CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center Accelerator Program?

I often get questions from startup and small business owners about what value our program can deliver for them. “Is this the right place for me?” “How much will it cost?” “Will there be other founders there that look like me?” These are great questions and something everyone should think about before taking the time to join an accelerator. Applying for programs takes time and as an entrepreneur who is short on time, you want to know how you can benefit.

We designed CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center to set you up for success. Our free 4-month accelerator program provides workshops, training, mentorship, physical workspace and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you move to the next level.

Below are a few of the many reasons why you should push the fear aside and apply.

1. Shared Values
Our goal for you is to grow big enough to support yourself and employees. That is it. No hidden agenda. No equity stakes. No pushing you to make moves for rapid growth that are not aligned with your core values. We are here to support you to achieve your dreams of creating a successful business and are judged by how well we help you do that.

2. Structured Program & Accountability
Our program is designed to give you the structure and accountability to accelerate your business. You will learn from experts during weekly workshops, dig into the nuances of your business and lean on other entrepreneurs in the cohort for support. In addition, CAJC staff are there with you every step of the way with weekly check-in calls to keep you on track.

3. Access to Network of Resources
Finding resources can be overwhelming. Who should you contact, where should you go, what training do you need? Take the guesswork out by being a part of a program that makes it a priority to connect you with resources across the community.

4. Mentors that Care
Learn from those that were once in your shoes. All of our mentors are dedicated and care about you and your business. They are avid supporters of our mission to support entrepreneurs that are often overlooked.

5. Physical Workspace
Every entrepreneur accepted has access to a state of the art co-working space. This allows you to connect with peers, host client meetings and work in an environment conducive to business growth.

6. The World Needs What You Are Building!
Often, when people discuss business it revolves around numbers, growth, success and accolades. Don’t get me wrong these things are important, however, what is more important is sharing your insights and creations with the world. You have something special to give to us all and we need you to continue pushing forward to create something remarkable.

Already Convinced – Apply Today

Still have questions? Join us for an Information Session about the program

Information Session Dates

October 6th: 5-5:50pm
October 8th: 5-5:50pm
October 13th: 11-11:50am
October 15th: 5-5:50pm
October 22nd: 11 -11:50 am
October 29th: 5 -5:50 pm
November 5th: 5 -5:50pm
November 12th: 11 – 11:50 am

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