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FREE Digital Marketing Tips and Tools for Small Business Owners

CEO & Founder of Executive Cat Herder, Maresa Friedman, hosted a digital marketing bootcamp for our Business Resource Center’s July workshop. More than 40 entrepreneurs tuned in to learn how to grow their business’s digital presence from Maresa, whose expertise is in marketing, business strategy, and brand development.

Maresa began the webinar with the key point: digital marketing is tailored to your business and your audience. An issue that arises for both startups and companies is not knowing where and how you should focus your time with marketing. Therefore, you want to base any marketing approach on consumer insights aimed at answering the following questions: “What does the consumer want? How does that insight affect the visibility by that demographic? How do you develop a strategy that puts that into action?”

Throughout the virtual webinar, Maresa highlighted various tools entrepreneurs can begin implementing today, including five FREE tools every small business should be using. If you feel your business’s online presence is stagnant, these tools can help!

  1. Canva – Create social media pieces, collateral and anything creative if you don’t have a graphic designer  
  2. Meta Hashtags – Find hashtags that can help your business grow
  3. Uber Suggest – Content, keywords, SEO-related
  4. Streamyard – If you live stream, it’s great for making things look professional and clean
  5. Google-Think with Google – Case Studies & Data Points – Trends with Google: What the world is searching – Google Market Finder:

Do you want more FREE digital marketing tips? Watch the full workshop below:


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