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FREE Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs Workshop

I thought it would be a LOT of fun to take the Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs workshop that I usually conduct on campus and turn it into a 4 week, 100% FREE, 100% Online and Instructor Led Workshop.  And, make it available to 100% of entrepreneurs (who sign up) and make it 100% INCREDIBLE!

Over four (4) weeks and through the eLearning Video based portal you’ll learn everything you need to go from beginner to confident in personal finance.  We’ll cover all the material (and more) in the five course parts below.  Note:  We’ll have a weekly 1 hour Zoom call every week and you’ll have about 2-3 hours of self study per week.

Part 1 – An overview of why Personal Finance Matters, Security and Foundational Knowledge.
Part 2 – Personal Finance Basics like Savings, Debt, Investments, Credit Scores & More!
Part 3 – Introduction to Personal Finance Technology (we are going to use and getting signed up and initial setup.
Part 4 – Core Concepts that include transactions, transaction categories, tags, all five areas of personal finance in the tool and of course REPORTING.
Part 5 – Setting financial goals, building budgets, all this taxation and how to keep this tool optimized into the future.